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Bloomsbury Human Kinetics Dance Techniques

A dynamic collection of leading dance material.

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Featuring more than 500 videos and 850 audio clips alongside ebooks and images, Human Kinetics Dance Technique is a dynamic collection that presents instruction-focused material and fills in the gaps of dance in digital learning.

A new product within the Human Kinetics Library family that is digitally exclusive on an unlimited access basis, Human Kinetics Dance Technique combines Bloomsbury’s digital excellence with Human Kinetics’ market-leading dance content.

What's Included

  • 7 eBooks – focusing on hip-hop ballet, jazz, modern dance, musical theatre, tap and choreography.

  • Over 500 videos – short clips demonstrating key dance steps.

  • Digital Exclusive Articles— Written by an international range of leading scholars to support research  and study of core and cutting edge topics

  • Over 850 audio glossary clips – explaining specialist terms.

  • Over 70 images — for easy analysis of movements and dance steps.

Features and Benefits

  • An exclusive package for libraries that fills in a gap in the market for instruction-focused dance products

  • Provides institutional access to Human Kinetics’ market-leading content

  • Allows for intuitive connections between the text and video content providing a seamless learning experience

  • user-friendly platform featuring an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated indexing and searching tools, allowing for easy research and discoverability at the chapter level A customized taxonomy to allow the user to quickly discover the most relevant content

  • Highly visual content to create a rich and rewarding experience for instructors and students



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