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Bloomsbury Human Kinetics Library

Human Kinetics Library

Launching March 2020  

Available via subscription and perpetual access

A digital hub for sport and exercise studies.

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Human Kinetics Library is dedicated to the research, teaching, and understanding of kinesiology, sport and exercise science.

To build on the mission to increase the knowledge, enhance the performance and improve the health and fitness of all people around the world, Human Kinetics has teamed up with Bloomsbury Digital Resources to deliver authoritative sport and exercise science content through a premier digital resource.

This platform features more than 150 eBooks, alongside ancillary materials, giving students and researchers a well-rounded overview and understanding of the physical activity, health, and exercise science.

Human Kinetics Library covers a range of subjects with new content added annually:

·        Active ageing

·        Anatomy and biomechanics

·        Exercise and sport science

·        Exercise prescription, instruction and assessment

·        Fitness and health

·        History, sociology and philosophy of sport

·        Motor behaviour

·        Nutrition and healthy eating

·        Physical activity and health

·        Physiology of sport and exercise

·        Psychology of sport and exercise

·        Recreation and leisure

·        Research methods, measurement, and evaluation

·        Sport management and sport business

·        Sport and activities

Features and Benefits

• Access to market-leading content including textbooks, supplementary monographs, and materials for practitioners

• A user-friendly platform featuring an engaging, easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated indexing and searching tools, allowing for easy research and discoverability at the chapter level

• A bespoke taxonomy to allow the user to discover the most relevant content

• Highly visual content to create a rich and rewarding experience for instructors and students


Additional Material

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