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Bloomsbury Theology and Religion Online

Theology and Religion Online

A richly layered resource devoted and dedicated to research, study, and teaching in theology, biblical studies, and religious studies. 

Theology & Religion Online is the digital home to a growing range of resources designed for students and scholars of Theology, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies and related fields, from which libraries can create a bespoke product package to best serve their users. 

Ranging from exclusive new digital reference products to richly layered thematic collections comprised of audio-visual content, monographs and scholarly reference, Theology & Religion Online will be the essential source for cutting-edge research, study, and teaching from intro to advanced levels.

Modul 1: T&T Clark Theology Library

T&T Clark Theology Library offers students and scholars detailed and thorough analysis of core theological content via primary texts, exclusive articles, and authoritative reference works. An imprint of Bloomsbury, T&T Clark has been publishing cutting-edge books in biblical studies since 1821 and brings authoritative and systematic scholarship to this comprehensive resource.

Content Highlights

Encyclopedia of Christian Theology— Doctrinially driven, and edited by an international and multi-denominational team of the top scholars in the field, this work is the most comprehensive resource on the topic.

Primary Texts by Major Theologians—Over 70 classic texts from the most important theologians that shaped theology in the 20th century that offer a detailed examination of a wide number of doctrines, such as the Trinity, Atonement, Creation, Pneumatology, and Creation.

Digitally Exclusive Articles— Brand new introductions are written to introduce doctrines and their relevance for study today and their importance for our understanding of theology.

Interactive Timeline—Underpinning every product within Theology and Religion Online, the timeline presents an essential broader context for research as well as key information on theology and theologians specific to the resource.

Modul 2: T&T Clark Jesus Library

T&T Clark Jesus Library is dedicated to the study of the person, history, context, impact, and reception of Jesus, which is central to the study of the Bible and Christianity. With unique and richly layered content rooted in publishing from T&T Clark, an imprint of Bloomsbury which celebrates its bicentenary in 2021, T&T Clark Jesus Library blends text, images, audio, and visual materials to form a comprehensive digital resource for students and researchers of Religion, Theology, Biblical Studies, Classics, and History.

Content Highlights

Major Reference Works— The Jesus Tradition in the First Three Centuries (digitally exclusive to the resource), Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media, History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, Christianity: The Complete Guide, Mary: The Complete Resource, Jesus: The Complete Guide

Companions and Texts—T&T Clark Companion to the Bible and Film; The Son of Man Problem: Critical Readings; T&T Clark Companion to Early Christian Meals in the Greco-Roman World, Introduction to the New Testament by Henry Wansbrough, and introductions to all major gospels.

Monographs and Classic Works— More than 60 titles spanning topics including the historical Jesus, reading and literary in the time of Jesus, Jesus and film, early Christology; and including key titles such as One God, One Lord by Larry Hurtado, Historical Jesus: A Guide for the Perplexed by Helen Bond; Jesus of Nazareth by Maurice Casey; Jude and the Relatives of Jesus in the Early Church by Richard Bauckham; Resurrecting Jesus by Dale Allison

Digital Exclusive Articles— Written specifically for the resource by an international range of leading scholars to support research and study of core and cutting edge topics

Images— 1000 images, which will grow each year, showcasing key sites and archaeological locations to reliquaries, mosaics and places of worship, to representations of Jesus in art—which enrich the research experience and provide a way of locating Jesus in the history of faith and culture

Audio Resources— Podcasts on core topics and publications around Jesus including discussions with Paula Fredriksen (University of Boston) and James Crossley (St Mary’s University of Twickenham)

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