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Brill is an important publisher of journals, with over 300 titles in various subject areas. Nearly all our titles are available in print and online formats. Our E-Journals are available on our new platform.

Please note that some journal titles are registered with Brill solely as E-Journals.

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All of Brill's journal content is available on

  • Access to the complete electronic archive, going back to Volume 1, No. 1 (where applicable) also included in active institutional subscriptions.
  • Brill provides a free table of contents alerting service, and free online sample copies are also available.
  • Brill is a Cross Ref member and uses COUNTER compliant user statistics. RSS feeds and DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for reliable and easy citation are provided.
  • Journal packages and archive collections are available to Consortia. For details please contact

2024 Journal Prices

Brill Journal Price List 2024
What’s New in Brill’s Journals Program | New titles in 2024, issue frequency increases, page increases and more

Find additional price lists, flyers, catalogues, and brochures on Brill's downloads page.

Brill Online Journal Collections 2024

Brill offers the following journal collections online in 2024:

  • Brill Online Journal Collection (360 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Humanities and Social Sciences (283 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / International Law and Human Rights (53 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Life Sciences(24 titles)

In addition we offer 5 sub-collections:

  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Religious Studies (60 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Languages, Linguistics and Literature (30 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Asian Studies (47 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Middle East & Islamic Studies (44 titles)
  • Brill Online Journal Collection / Philosophy (31 titles)

For more information, see the 2024 price list.

For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Jacek Lewinson
Mobi:+48 502 603 290, skype:jacek.lewinson ,

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