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Brill Arkyves Online


Online Reference Tool for the History of Culture
Hans Brandhorst & Etienne Posthumus

ISSN: 2352-9334
Publication Type:  Primary Source Online
Imprint:  BRILL
Language:  English

Video and Tutorials

Arkyves is both a unique database of images and texts and a meeting place for everyone who wants to study imagery and publish about it. All visual and textual sources are made accessible with the help of the multilingual vocabulary for the cultural content of the Iconclass system. By using this system it has been made possible to find and retrieve images and texts from various sources on a specific topic.

By using Arkyves it is currently possible to access more than 500.000 images, texts, etc. from libraries and museums in many countries among them the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, and the university libraries of Milan, Utrecht and Glasgow.  More collections will follow in the near future. The database contains a link to the images which are available in open access.

Arkyves is both a research tool for art historians and book historians, as well as a tool to facilitate the process of describing images.

1) Arkyves demo: Product information
Information about 'Arkyves, Reference Tool for the History of Culture': what is it, how can you use it, the different tools, future developments, and more. Watch it here
2) Arkyves demo: Searching for content in Arkyves
Examples of the different kinds of search possibilities in Arkyves. Watch it here

Latest additions to Arkyves

The 'Manticora', from: Bestiary and various theological texts, British Library, MS ROyal 12 C XIX]


The Mantichora, from:Edward Topsell, The historie of foure-footed beastes. Describing the true and liuely figure of euery beast, with a discourse of their seuerall names, conditions, kindes, vertues ..., Washington, Folger, Shakespeare Library, STC 24123]

Gerhard Mercator, Historia Mundi, London, 1635, Washington, Folger, Shakespeare Library, STC 17824.5]

Jan Steen, Bathsheba after the bath (ca 1670-1675) [Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum]

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