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Brill Classic Arabic Texts Online

Classic Arabic Texts Online

ISSN: 2352-3476

Classic Arabic Texts Online (CATO) offers approx. 19,000 pages of classic Brill editions of Arabic texts in a full-text searchable format and accessible from one single point of entry. 

CATO includes the following titles: 
• Bibliotheca Geographorum Arabicorum (with indices and glossaries!) edited by M.J. de Goeje and J.H. Kramers 
• De Goeje’s edition of al-?abar?’s Ta?r?kh al-rusul wa l-mul?k 
• De Goeje’s edition of al-Bal?dh?r?’s Kit?b Fut?? al-buld?n 
• Origins of the Islamic State by Murgotten and Hitti, the English translation of al-Bal?dh?r?’s Kit?b Fut?? al-buld?n 

All texts together offer the researcher a unique and invaluable experience. Classic Arabic Texts Online will be the only available online resource offering full text searchable Arabic texts. 

Features and benefits: 
• Unique format of full-text searchable text in Arabic 
• al-Bal?dh?r?’s Kit?b Fut?? al-buld?n published in Arabic and English together for the first time 
• Approx. 18,500 pages Arabic, 500 English 

For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Jacek Lewinson
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