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Brill Climate Change and Law Collection

Climate Change and Law Collection

ISSN:  2542-6737
Publication Type:  Primary Source Online
Imprint:  Brill | Nijhoff
Language: English

This comprehensive collection of climate change and law documents contains original source, non-edited and non-redacted “grey literature” (non-peer reviewed) in English, centered on climate change and the law. Incorporated in the category of ‘law’ is any discipline of law which addressed climate change, including corporate law, environmental law and human rights law. Materials in the collection originate from a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector, institutions, and/or individuals, world-wide.

The impact of climate change on individuals, communities and states has broad implications on the protection, fulfilment and respect for human rights and laws at the local, national, corporate, regional and global levels. With intense and contested debates on climate change, and significant concerns for the future of the planet based on climate change, the issue of the law and climate change is highly relevant.

A collection of this nature will be a significant resource, adding value to existing resources, and serving the needs of various actors and stakeholders needing access to documentation on climate change and the law.

This collection is edited by the Human Rights Internet (HRI) in Ottawa, Canada.
This new collection will be building over time, and a future annual update fee is planned to begin in 2019, for the new content added.

Features and benefits
• Full text searchable
• Updated annually
• Includes “grey literature” material concerned with climate change and law - both published and unpublished documents in various languages
• Broad range of climate change and climate law issues
• Represents the concerns of all groups in all regions of the world
• MARC records available

• Professors, researchers and teachers of law and environmental science and interdisciplinary studies 
• Undergraduate and postgraduate students in environmental studies, social policy, political science, geography, human rights, and law
• National and international decision-makers and corporate sector stakeholders (for instance, looking for examples of standards and best-practices)
• Lawyers and diplomats
• Global governance actors
• Advocates and lobbyists of non-governmental organizations and think tanks on human rights, development, policy alternatives, and environmental impact 

Free Trial Access Available
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