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Brill Coptic Gnostic Library Online

Coptic Gnostic Library Online

Subject: Biblical Studies and Early Christianity

General Editor: James M. Robinson

ISSN: 2214-8426

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The Coptic Gnostic Library Online continues where the Dead Sea Scrolls left off. Our main sources of information for the Gnostic religion are the so-called Nag Hammadi codices, written in Coptic.

The Coptic Gnostic Library is the only authoritative edition of many of the Coptic writings of the Gnostics from the first centuries AD. It was originally published by Brill in fourteen hardback volumes as part of the Nag Hammadi.

James M. Robinson † was Professor Emeritus of Religion, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California Einar Thomassen obtained his Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews in 1982, and has been Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Bergen since 1993, teaching widely on the religions of the ancient Mediterranean world and the Near East, early Christianity, Islam and methodology. Gnosticism and Nag Hammadi have always been at the centre of his scholarly interests. His publications include Le Traité Tripartite (1989) and numerous articles and books about Gnosticism and ancient religions generally, such as The Spiritual Seed: The Church of the “Valentinians” (Brill: 2006). He is also a major contributor to standard translations of the Nag Hammadi Library. Besides writing and editing individual books he was also the managing editor for Brill’s Numen journal from 2000 to 2008 and is currently the series editor (with Johannes van Oort) of Brill’s Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies monograph series.

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