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Brill Cult of Body Online

Cult of Body Online

Advisor: Louise McReynolds

Number of titles: 13

Languages used: Russian

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Location of originals: National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg

This collection comprises unique material on sports and physical culture in Russia, 1891-1919 and is particularly significant because sports provided opportunities for transitions from tradition to modernity: athletic competition broke down class barriers, brought women into public spaces, and encouraged new modes of behaviour and self-presentation.
Sports are essential to the evolution of the modern personality in terms of health, competitiveness and team play.
The collection offers extraordinary sources for researchers into a variety of topics. Tourism, an important growth field in academic studies, relates directly to sports. Most significantly, contemporary interest in sexuality is informed by sports periodicals. Not only are gender roles transformed through sports, but the visuals in these publications illustrate emergent feminine and masculine ideals.

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