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Brill Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture Online

Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture Online

Editor-in-Chief: Dan Diner, on behalf of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig Editorial Staff: Markus Kirchhoff (Head), Philipp Graf, Stefan Hofmann, Ulrike Kramme, Regina Randhofer, Frauke von Rohden, Philipp von Wussow. Consulting Editors of the English Edition: Cornelia Aust, Philipp Lenhard, Daniel Mahla

ISSN: 2468-8894
Publication Type: E-Reference Work
Imprint: BRILL
Language:  English

This online English edition is available as a set alongside the German Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur. The prices mentioned are for the combined bundle of Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture Online and Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur. The English edition will also be available in print

From Europe to America to the Middle East, North Africa and other non-European Jewish settlement areas the Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture covers the recent history of the Jews from 1750 until the 1950s.
Translated from German into English, approximately 800 keywords present the current state of international research and depict a complex portrait of Jewish life - illustrated by many maps and images. About 40 key articles convey central themes on topics like autonomy, exile, emancipation, literature, liturgy, music or the science of Judaism. The seventh volume index offers a detailed list of persons, places and subjects that creates a reliable reference for working with the encyclopedia. The encyclopedia provides knowledge in an overall context and offers academics and other interested readers new insights into Jewish history and culture. It is an outstanding contribution to the understanding of Judaism and modernity.


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