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Brill Hague Academy Collected Courses Online

Hague Academy Collected Courses Online

ISSN: 1875-8096
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Imprint:  Brill | Nijhoff

Founded in 1923, the Hague Academy of International Law has for decades served as a global center for research about and teaching of public and private international law.
Each summer the Academy organizes in its building located on the premises of the Peace Palace a six-week course at which well-recognized international law scholars present lectures and seminars in French and English on a wide range of current topics to young lawyers from throughout the world. These lectures are then published in the Academy’s prestigious Collected Courses.
The Academy also conducts a three-week summer Centre for Research aimed at in-depth research by younger academics on a selected contemporary issue under the direction of two senior scholars. In addition, the Academy has since the 1960s held courses in Africa, Latin America and Asia with a view to promoting worldwide knowledge of international law and its developments and contributing to the establishment of peace. 

The Hague Academy Collected Courses / Recueil des Cours 
The Hague Academy Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations 
The Hague Academy Colloques/Workshop Series 
The Hague Academy - The Law Books of the Academy

The Hague Academy Collected Courses Online discloses the online access to over 80 years of the history of international law to students and researchers around the world. The Hague Academy of International Law is a center for high-level education in public and private international law. The Academy’s scientific body, the Curatorium, calls upon foremost specialists, including academics, practitioners, diplomats, and other leading experts from all over the world, to deliver courses to an international audience in English or French. The courses are published in the Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law, which are the most important encyclopedic publication on private and public international law.
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