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Brill Handbook of WTO GATT Dispute Settlement Online

Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement Online

ISSN: 2211-4386
Publication Type: E-Reference Work
Imprint: Brill | Nijhoff
Language: English 

General Editor: Stewart and Stewart, Washington D.C.

Created by experts and updated regularly with international trade law practitioners in mind, and updated regularly, the Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement Online offers instant access to a vast legal research database that includes:

• Updated summaries of 300+ WTO/GATT Panel, Appellate Body, or arbitrator reports.
• Nine comprehensive indexes cross-referencing the reports by key word, article, country, subject, panelist, member, and more.
• Easy citation lists to track adoption status of reports.

Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement Online is an essential resource for trade law practitioners that want to navigate and quickly master complex WTO/GATT reports spanning hundreds of pages in length.


international trade law practitioners, including law firms, law libraries in universities with courses in international trade or international law, government agencies, legislative offices, and international organizations/associations

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