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Brill Human Rights Documents Online

Human Rights Documents Online

ISSN: 2210-7975
Publication Type: Primary Source Online
Imprint: BRILL
Language: English

Published since 1980
Since 1980 access has been provided to an ever-growing, authoritative collection of Human Rights Documents from the collection edited by Human Rights Internet in Ottawa. These documents emanate from 355 nongovernmental human rights organizations (NGOs) worldwide, some of which have a universal scope, whilst others focus on the attainment of human rights in a specific area of the world.
More than 55,000 documents from 685 organizations collected by Human Rights Internet are now available online, covering the period from 1980 up to 2011, making Human Rights Documents the largest online database on international human rights issues available. Bringing together a unique collection of “grey literature” literature from small and large organizations working globally and locally, Human Rights Documents Online is an indispensable research tool for all concerned with human rights issues.
The collection is updated on an annual basis.
Location of originals: Material from the Human Rights Internet (HRI) in Ottawa, Canada.

Features and Benefits
- Full text searchable
- Updated regularly, including both supplemented and new titles (covering the period 1980 up to 2011)
- Available online and on microfiche (
- Includes “grey literature” material produced by NGO’s concerned with human rights and social justice - both published and unpublished documents in various languages
- Broad range of human rights issues
- Represents the concerns of all groups in all regions of the world

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