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Brill Index Buddhicus Online

Index Buddhicus Online

Publication Type: E-Reference Work
Language:  English
Edited by: Tansen Sen 

The Index Buddhicus is the first classified comprehensive bibliography of Buddhist Studies. It describes secondary material ranging from articles, papers and chapters appearing in journals, proceedings and collections, through reference works, monographs, editions and theses, to digital resources.

All entries are linked to an elaborate index of both proper names and thematic, and cross referenced to related material. The Index is available as an online resource. It complements Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

List to be completed
Acta Archeaologia Sinica
Buddhism Today
Buddhist - Christian Studies
Buddhist Studies Review
Bukkyo Daigaku Honen Bukkyogaku Kenkyu Senta Kiyo
Bukkyo Shigaku Kenkyu
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Cahiers d'Extreme-Asie
Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies
Central Asiatic Journal
Contemporary Buddhism
Eastern Buddhist
Fojiao Wenhua
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Journal of Buddhist Philosophy
Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Journal of Global Buddhism
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies
Journal of Religion in Africa
Journal of Religion in Europe
Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
Komazawa Daigaku Bukkyo Gakubu Kenkyu Kiyo
Korean Buddhism
Mongolische Notizen
Nanto Bukkyo?
Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Pacific World
Religion Compass
Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines
Sinica Leidensia
Studies in Manuscript Cultures 
The Tibet Journal
Tibet und Buddhismus 
Transformierte Buddhismen
Xianggang Fojiao
Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft
Zentral-Asiatische Studien (ZAS)
Zhonghua Foxue Yanjiu


All those interested in religions in South Asia, the history of Buddhism, as well as Indologists and historians of religions.

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