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Brill Indo European Etymological Dictionaries

Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Lubotsky

Alexander Lubotsky is Professor of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University, and he is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences, and a member of Academia Europaea. His publications include The system of nominal accentuation in Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European (Brill, 1988), A R?gvedic Word Concordance , 2 Vols. (American Oriental Society, 1997), Atharvaveda-Paippal?da, k?n ?d ?a five. Text, translation, commentary (Harvard Oriental Series, 2002), andAlanic marginal notes in a Greek liturgical manuscript (Verlag der Österrei¬chi¬schen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2015).

Online Publication Date:  01 Oct 2010

ISSN:  1877-0495

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The Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online (IEDO) reconstructs the lexicon for the most important languages and language branches of Indo-European. It is a rich and voluminous online reference source for historical and general linguists. Dictionaries can be cross-searched, with an advance search for each individual dictionary enabling the user to perform more complex research queries. Each entry is accompanied by grammatical info, meaning(s), etymological commentary, reconstructions, cognates and often extensive bibliographical information. Content will be updated and added on a regular basis. The latest addition is the Lithuanian Etymological Dictionary by Ernst Fraenkel. 

Features and Benefits 
- Includes 15 dictionaries 
- Contains over 20.000 entries 
- Covers over 150 languages 
- Rich bibliographical references for further research 
- Export, print and save records 
- Cross-searchable database, supporting simple and complex queries 
- Unicode compliant, displaying and searching complex characters and diacritics 

Included Dictionaries
Lithuanian Etymological Dictionary, Ernst Fraenkel 
Etymological Dictionary of the Baltic Inherited Lexicon, Rick Derksen 
Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic, Guus Kroonen 
Etymological Dictionary of Greek, Robert Beekes with the assistance of Lucien van Beek 
Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic, Ranko Matasović 
Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon, Hrach K. Martirosyan 
Etymological Dictionary of Latin, Michiel de Vaan 
Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic, Allan R. Bomhard 
Etymological Dictionary of the Hittite Inherited Lexicon, Alwin Kloekhorst 
Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon, Rick Derksen 
Etymological Dictionary of the Iranian Verb, Johnny Cheung 
Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary, Dirk Boutkan and Sjoerd Michiel Siebinga 
Cuneiform Luvian Lexicon, H. Craig Melchert 
Etymological Dictionary of Tocharian B, Douglas Q. Adams 
Materials for an Etymological Database of North Lechitic Dialects, Konstantin K. Bogatyrev 

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