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Brill Jus Mundi

The first of its kind  Academic Search Engine for International Law

With over 4000 treaties and 10000 other legal documents, including arbitral awards, judgments, orders and pleadings, Jus Mundi aims to make international law research convenient, comprehensive and quick!

Jus Mundi – Academic Research offers the most comprehensive database of multilingual, public international law and investment arbitration documents available.  Its powerful, user-friendly and intelligent search engine allows for precise searches to deliver results in seconds.  It covers over 16,000 international law and investor-state arbitration documents, including treaties, ICJ, PCIJ, PCA, ITLOS, ICSID and other arbitration institutions, UNCITRAL, IUSCT documents (judgments, arbitral awards, orders, pleadings, etc.), and decisions of the Mixed Claims Commissions.


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  • The most comprehensive collection of primary sources in public international law, investment law and the law of the sea
  • Structured and interactive documents
  • Multilingual and intelligent search engine
  • Preview of relevant paragraphs
  • Interactive filters
  • CiteMap, a user-friendly catalogue of interconnections between legal references
  • Wiki Notes for a concise summary of legal concepts

How Jus Mundi team works

Collect & verify documents

All documents in Jus Mundi’s database are collected from public sources and through partnerships with publishers and international tribunals. An up to date database is essential when conducting research, so our team tracks all new documents coming from these sources and adds them to the Jus Mundi database every week.

Extract & correct metadata

Extracting the metadata (the names of the Parties, arbitrators or counsel, the applicable treaty, the outcome of the case, etc.) from all documents enables us to provide filters in our search engine and statistics for our analytics tool. This information is systematically verified and corrected if necessary, to allow the maximum accuracy of your research.

Extract & correct text

Like for the metadata, the text of the document is also extracted and corrected manually so that your search never misses its target.

Structure documents

In order to facilitate full-text search, each paragraph of each document is structured. Features such as the interactive table of contents and the preview of relevant paragraphs are made possible through document structuration.

Qualify documents with legal concepts

This is where the combination of artificial and collaborative intelligence specific to Jus Mundi comes in.
Our algorithms scan documents to isolate the most important paragraphs or to add hyperlinks under legal references.
Jus Mundi’s team of lawyers qualify each paragraph of legal documents with legal concepts in order to enhance the relevance of search results. No document is tampered with in any way, making the displayed results of the search engine or our analytics tool 100% unbiased.

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