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Brill Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2

Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2

 The Ottoman Legacy of Levinus Warner

From Leiden University Libraries

Languages used: Turkish, Arabic, Persian
E-ISBN: 978 90 04 23595 3

Editor: Ilana Tahan, Hebraica Curator, British Library
Advisors: Jan Schmidt, Leiden University and Arnoud Vrolijk, Leiden University Librarie

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This online publication consists of 140 volumes from the Warner Collection, totalling 45,809 pages of Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, and Persian texts. All these manuscripts were acquired by the great scholar Levinus Warner during his stay in Istanbul from 1644 until his death in 1665. This selection from the famous Warner Legacy to the Leiden University Libraries includes one autograph (Codex Orientalis 432), 10 unique manuscripts (Cod. Or. 498; 517; 801; 870; 1088; 1090; 1096; 1110; 1143; 1155; and 1175), and 11 manuscripts with unique parts (Cod. Or. 309; 333; 662; 697; 730; 765; 835; 870; 898; 917; and 923). Several manuscripts once belonged to famous owners; for example, Cod. Or. 1122 originates from the private library of the Ottoman polymath and historian K?tib Çelebi (d. 1657). The collection also includes several of Warner's diaries with research notes in various languages.

Available as Collection Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 1-3  ISSN: 2452-3046 


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