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Brill Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 3

Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 3

Arabic Manuscripts from the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest

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Arabic Manuscripts from the manuscript holdings of the Oriental Collection in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. The collection consists of 200 manuscripts with just over 300 works. In addition to 5 autographs, the highlights of the collection include: the earliest dated manuscript in the collection (Arab O. 013) a dated copy of a unique arrangement of a rare treatise written by al-???ib T?? al-D?n (d. 707/1307) produced in the year of the author’s death; two rare Mamluk treatises on horsemanship (Arab F.2); and an anonymous compilation (Arab O. 027) about the lives of the outstanding men who lived in Medina in the 12th/18th century.

Available as Collection  Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 1-3  ISSN: 2452-3046


Specialists of Arabic codicology and manuscripts; Islamic science; and the history of Oriental studies


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