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Brill Russian Ottoman Relations Part 1

Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 1

The Origins, 1600-1800

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Advisor: Maurits van den Boogert

Brill presents a unique collection of rare primary sources on a vital and dynamic part of the history of Turkey, Russia, the Middle East and Western Europe. These sources provide detailed insights not only in the military ebb and flow of Russian-Ottoman relations, but also in their effects on European public opinion.

  • Number of titles: 193 
  • Languages used: Western languages, German, French, English 
  • Location of originals: National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg 

Relations between the Ottoman Empire and Russia were no less conflictual in the eighteenth century: they were at war in 1736-39, 1768-74, and 1787. In the infamous Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca of 1774, the Ottomans were forced to acknowledge the independence of the Crimea (under Russian influence) and of the northern coasts of the Black Sea. It was not until the Treaty of Jassy in 1792 that peaceful relations between the Ottomans and the Russians were restored

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