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Brill Russian Ottoman Relations Part 3

Russian - Ottoman Relations Online Part 3

The Crimean War, 1854-1856

Advisor: Maurits van den Boogert 

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In this collection on the Crimean War, Russian views are represented by Anatole Demidov (1812-1870), traveler and patron of the arts; the discussion on the peace by former diplomat Tchihatchef; and the accounts of the Russian veteran, Piotr Andreevich Viazemsky (1792-1878). The opinions of two Turkish officers, Rustem Effendi and Seid Bey, and the views of Algerian poet Muhammad b. Ismail (1820-1870) are also included.

  • Number of titles: 372 
  • Languages used: Western languages, German, French, English 
  • Location of originals: National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg

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