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Brill Sovereign Limits 2020

Sovereign Limits

ISSN:  2666-7983

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Sovereign Limitsis the world’s most comprehensive and thoroughly researched digital database of land and maritime boundaries. Trusted by industry leaders in web mapping and large research institutions, Sovereign Limits provides robust spatial and analytical information on every international border. The database offers a detailed mapping scale of 1:25,000 or larger, attributed GIS data, instant access to primary source documents, and much more. 

Sovereign Limits is a comprehensive database intended for use in the research, visualization, and mapping of international borders that divide up sovereignty on land and sea. Easily accessed through an intuitive, interactive map on your web browser,Sovereign Limits has several key features that set it apart from other land and maritime boundary datasets: 

Access to Sovereign Limits includes access to invaluable Boundary Briefs. These briefs provide a concise synopsis of every established international boundary in the World, both land and maritime. Each Boundary Brief includes a history of key events, relevant excerpts from primary source documents, and illustrative maps created by International Mapping to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of any boundary in the World. Sovereign Limits has already done the research. 

Sovereign Limits is an essential tool in the research and visualization of international boundaries.

Key components include: 
• Highly detailed interactive map, capable of showing boundary data at large scales atop multiple basemap options. 
• Primary sources attached to each international boundary. 
• “State-view:” Filter the map by a country to see their “sovereign footprint” on land and at sea. 
• Extensive research and maps attached to each boundary. 
• The architecture of the database allows boundaries to be viewed from any sovereign State’s perspective. 
• Combines all land and maritime boundaries into a cohesive database, which enables users to better understand the true sovereign footprint for every State, and their dependencies. 


Sovereign Limits will be of interest to lawyers specializing in international law, international relations professionals, students with an interest in geopolitics, and any map enthusiast who is curious about the evolution of an international boundary over time.

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