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Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Online

ISSN: 1874-6772
Publication Type:  E-Reference Work
Imprint:  BRILL
Language:  English

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Edited by A. Chaniotis, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, T. Corsten, University of Vienna, N. Papazarkadas, University of California, Berkeley, E. Stavrianopoulou, University of Heidelberg, and R.A. Tybout, Leiden University.

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Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG) is an annual publication collecting newly published Greek inscriptions and studies on previously known documents. Material later than the 8th century A.D. is not included. Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum presents complete Greek texts of all new inscriptions with a critical apparatus; it summarizes new readings, interpretations and studies of known inscriptions, and occasionally presents the Greek text of these documents. Inscriptions are listed by their provenance, e.g. Dodona or Abdera. These place names are grouped into regions, such as Attica or Illyria.
In the SEG Online, in order to keep lists and loading times short, these regions are grouped into several larger areas:
1. Greece
2. North
3. Aegean
4. West
5. Asia Minor
6. East

Features and Benefits
- Full text and advanced search options
- Extensive indices, e.g. - Names of Men and Women; Mythological Names; Names of Ships and Animals; Latin Names; Patronymic Adjectives; Kings, Dynasts and their Families; Roman Emperors and their Families; Geographical Names (except Attica); Attic Tribes, Demes, Etc.; Tribes, Demes outside Attica; Latin Geographical Names; Religious Terms; Latin Terms; Military (and Paramilitary) terms; Greek World; Roman World; Latin Terms; Important Greek words; (Important) Latin Words
- Quick references search to easily find the lemma
- Annual addition of the latest SEG volume
- Full-text search using the Greek character set
- Advanced search within metadata, indices and concordances

Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum is also available in print, visit for more information.

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