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Cite Them Right

Born from Cite Them Right, bestselling academic referencing and plagiarism book, Cite Them Right Online is an online referencing resource.

Cite Them Right

Access to Cite them right is based on a site license account.


Cite Them Right equips students with the fundamental skills and understanding to reference any source type correctly and to avoid plagiarism.

The site comprises an interactive tutorial, made up of 11 bite-sized sections, information pages on an extensive range of over 200 source types across the main referencing systems, a ‘Basics’ section which introduces key referencing principles and interactive ‘You Try’ boxes which allow students to create their own citations.



  • Provides a high-quality resource with reliable information that lecturers can trust to improve referencing practice and accuracy
  • Instils a long-term understanding of referencing principles, so students are able to reference independently with confidence, throughout their academic careers


  • Develops students' referencing skills in a practical way, by actively engaging them in building their own citations and checking their work as they go
  • Helps students reference a wide range of both traditional and contemporary sources, with continual updates across Harvard, MLA, MHRA, OSCOLA, IEEE, Vancouver and Chicago
  • Provides unlimited 24/7 referencing support for students on or off-campus, with mobile-friendly access available across all devices


*Free Trail available 

  •  I would be delighted to set up trial access, so you can take a detailed look at the content included and to assess its suitability for use within the School. 

    If this is of interest I would simply require the names and email addresses,  to arrange a 14 days test drive. Send to

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