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DeGruyter Art Market Dictionary AMD Online to be published March 2019

Art Market Dictionary – AMD Online

Ed. by Nathan, Johannes

Editorial Board Member: Chagnon-Burke, Véronique / Hartung, Martin / Huemer, Christian / Korbei, Veronika / Koster, Emmelie / Marsh, Andrew / Penot-Lejeune, Agnès / Pérez Ibáñez, Marta / Rieder, Gábor / Simoncelli, Silvia / Severin, Ingrid Leonie / Skowronek, Thomas / Smith, Matthew Ryan

ISSN 2365-8967
Language: English 

  • The AMD is the first comprehensive scholarly guide to art market galleries, auction houses, agents, etc. from multiple national and historical contexts
  • It will comprise three volumes with ca. 2,000 entries, and an additional ca. 3,000 online entries
  • Each entry will list historical information, eminent artists represented, outstanding transactions as well as important exhibitions and publications; when available, an entry will also point to surviving archival material
  • The AMD will be searchable by names, locations, time periods, artistic media; a full-text search of article content will also be available
  • It will be linked to the Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (AKL), the world's most comprehensive data base for artists
  • The AMD is for all who take an interest in the art market: scholars, museum staff, art market professionals, collectors, provenance researchers, etc.

Aims and Scope

The Art Market Dictionary (AMD) is the first encompassing reference work on the art market and its historical development. It will provide key information on central agents such as auction houses, commercial galleries, art dealers, and advisers. Each entry will give brief business histories or biographies followed by notes on areas of specialization, artists represented, principal exhibitions and publications as well as significant transactions. The AMD will also list resources with additional information including archives, museums, libraries, databases, and scholarly literature. Where available, it will include illustrations of relevant documentary material such as outstanding works of art handled by a particular gallery, interior and exterior photographs, catalog covers and posters, stamps and labels affixed to inventory, stationery, and handwriting samples. The project begins with Europe and North America in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The AMD will thus establish an essential resource for professionals in the art world as well as for scholars, collectors, journalists, economists, and social scientists, providing vital information in areas such as provenance research, authentication, and art market history. It will be linked with De Gruyter's AKL, the Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, so that the two will complement each other as reference tools. The AMD is a logical companion to recent De Gruyter publications on related topics, such as Alfred Flechtheim: Raubkunst und Restitution, Der Fall Beltracchi und die Folgen or books from the series on "degenerate art" ("entartete Kunst") such as Die "entartete" Moderne und ihr amerikanischer Markt.

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Professionals in the Art World, Provenance Researchers, Scholars, Collectors, Journalists, Economists, Social Scientists

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