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DeGruyter Basics Online eBook Package

Basics Online eBook Package

ISBN- 978-3-0356-1170-0
Language: English

Aims and Scope

  • For the first time as a package: The current 32 volumes are available in an eBook format (pdf and reflowable epub)
  • Seven topical sections cover the key course areas: architectural design, presentation, construction, building technology, professional practice, landscape architecture and urbanism
  • The subject’s basics in an easy to read presentation geared to students
  • No previous knowledge is required, the content unfolds step by step
  • Following a consistent didactic concept
  • Authors with academic and practical backgrounds
  • Growing in the future by more than 50 new titles and two new topical areas: construction materials and building history

Advantages of the online version:

  • All products integrated on the De Gruyter website
  • Wide-ranging research opportunities using different search criteria
  • The user interface provides easy access to bibliographic data
  • All titles DRM free: Users can download, print and save eBooks for their own usage
  • MARC records and DOIs for all eBooks
  • Long-term access assured through Portico archiving
  • No ongoing access costs

Please note when ordering that eBook package prices are based on the total price of all titles originally offered in the package; during a given year, publication dates may be delayed and new titles may be added.
To ensure price transparency for our customers, we bill based on the exact titles received. At the end of the year, the precise number of titles published in 2017 will be determined. If there is a price discrepancy of more than 15%, you will be billed or credited accordingly at the beginning of the new year. Print and eBook prices are identical (with the exception of textbooks and titles from our Publisher Partners).

Additional material

Free Trial Access Available
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