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DeGruyter Enzyklopadie des Marchens Online 2016 Encyclopedia of the Folk Tale

Enzyklopadie des Marchens Online (Encyclopedia of the Folk Tale)

Handwörterbuch zur historischen und vergleichenden Erzählforschung

(Encyclopedia of the Folk Tale: A Guide to Historical and Comparative Research on Folk Narrative)

Founded by Ranke, Kurt

Managing Editor: Boden, Doris / Marzolph, Ulrich / Sander, Ulrike-Christine / Shojaei Kawan, Christine

Ed. by Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm / Alzheimer, Heidrun / Bausinger, Hermann / Brückner, Wolfgang / Drascek, Daniel / Gerndt, Helge / Köhler-Zülch, Ines / Roth, Klaus / Uther, Hans-Jörg

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Language: German
Year 2016

  • 4,000 searchable keywords in the field of folk narrative
  • Various search criteria: lemma, keyword, person, article author
  • DOI ensures reliable source citation for each article
  • Search lemma in multiple languages
  • Covers all genres of oral narrative tradition
  • Contains comprehensive articles on all narrative types and themes
  • Offers detailed reports on numerous countries and regions
  • Presents biographies on researchers, collectors, and authors of important source works
  • Comprehensive indexes
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

Aims and Scope

Comprising some 4,000 articles, the Encyclopedia of the Folk Tale presents the results of almost two centuries of research in the field of folk narrative tradition. Offering a comprehensive survey of all written and oral genres, the encyclopedia discusses types, motifs and themes; explores theories, methods and stylistic issues; and presents various regions, countries, authors, collectors and researchers.


Scholars (literary studies, narratology, cultural studies)

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