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DeGruyter Leipziger Kommentar StGB Online

Leipziger Kommentar StGB Online

(The Leipzig Commentary on the German Criminal Code, Online)

Ed. by Laufhütte, Heinrich Wilhelm / Rissing-van Saan, Ruth / Tiedemann, Klaus

One-time purchase of base content (RRP), subsequently annual update fee for new content

ISSN 2198-5146

The most comprehensive commentary available on the German Criminal Code (StGB)
For academia and practice
Advanced search features easy access to the entire work
The commentary contains links to cited decisions and norms
Updated several times each year
Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

Aims and Scope

This trusted work provides the most comprehensive coverage of German criminal law available. Its strong reputation is based on a combination of academically rigorous and practice-oriented commentary, written by renowned authors and contributors from both active legal practice and academia.

Extensive coverage of a wide range of material – from historical origins and debates over reform to comparative analyses and discussion of related areas of law – help to answer obscure questions not covered in competing works. The work provides exhaustive coverage of current judicial interpretations and perspectives in the literature, illuminating routes for the resolution of legal disputes.

The online version provides readers with all volumes published in the current edition so far, and contains links to cited decisions and norms. Advanced search features (via full text, keywords, headings and decisions) easy access to the entire work. Moreover, several updates per year keep the commentary cutting-edge - even between the editions.

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