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DeGruyter Lowe Rosenberg StPO Online

Löwe-Rosenberg StPO Online

(The Löwe-Rosenberg Commentary on German Criminal Procedure Online)

Ed. by Erb, Volker / Esser, Robert / Franke, Ulrich / Graalmann-Scheerer, Kirsten / Hilger, Hans / Ignor, Alexander

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Language: German
Type of Publication: Database

  • The most comprehensive commentary available on the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) as well as related law (GVG, EGGVG, MRK, IPBPR)
  • For academia and practice
  • Advanced search features easy access to the entire work
  • The commentary contains links to cited decisions and norms
  • Updated several times each year

Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

The most comprehensive commentary on German criminal procedure available, this seminal resource assists readers not only with common questions, but also more obscure ones. The work explains the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) as well as related law (GVG, EGGVG, MRK, IPBPR).

The commentary provides complete coverage of current legal interpretations and controversies and illuminates solutions to problems. Designed to aid legal practice, an emphasis is placed on applicability to real-world issues. Renowned authors and contributors from both active legal practice and academia ensure scholarly rigor as well as a strong practical orientation.

The online version provides readers with all volumes of the current edition published so far and contains links to cited decisions and norms. Advanced search features (via full text, keywords, headings and decisions) easy access to the entire work. Moreover, several updates per year keep the commentary cutting-edge - even between the editions.

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