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DeGruyter Spark 2018


Encyclopedia of Physics, Materials Science and Chemistry

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ISSN: 2510-1919
Language: English
First Year: 2018

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De Gruyter Spark EN

  • Living texts: Spark is the first collection of authoritative texts which gets updated continuously by the authors and enhanced with new articles in regular updates.
  • Interdisciplinary topics: A vast variety of foundational and advanced topics in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.
  • Accessibility: More than 1,000 articles equivalent to more than 22,000 print pages are searchable and accessible via keywords, a topical structure, and cross-links. Special content such as figures and related exercises can be searched for separately.

Aims and Scope

Spark offers up-to-date introductions and overviews covering the Physical Sciences. It includes books of the De Gruyter STEM series in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. The topics are discussed on a level accessible to graduate students, connecting them to the forefront of research.

As a unique feature, the material included is kept up-to-date by the authors – more than 50 at the moment – and is expanding to include new topics continuously. An extensive subject tree allows for quick access and an elaborate search function makes full-text search and filtering (e.g. for figures and exercises) easy.

A selection of topics covered include:

  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Nanomaterials
  • Functional and Smart Materials
  • Sustainable and Green Chemistry
  • Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology

Further, foundations and tools useful for all scientists complement the scientific topics:

  • Numerics & Programming
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Data Processing & Analytics


Physicists, Materials Scientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers?

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