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DeGruyter Vossische Zeitung 1918-1934 Online

Vossische Zeitung 1918-1934 Online

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Language: German
Year: 2010

  • Excellent source for contemporary and cultural history
  • New systematic access options to material not previously indexed
  • Complete holding – illegible pages and missing pages or issues are replaced
  • High quality digitization – the newspapers and supplements are specifically digitized according to their contents and images are reproduced in gray scale
  • Full text search
  • Easy access to the issues and supplements through a calendar function
  • Navigation via electronic lists of contents
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

Aims and Scope

Daily newspapers are an extremely interesting source of material for historical research. However, in the absence of adequate indexing, this source material has always proved difficult to evaluate. Now the most important newspaper of its period has been digitized and compiled in a modern research database, making it easily accessible for the very first time.

The research database Vossische Zeitung Online. 1918–1934 contains approximately 10,500 issues of the oldest and most renowned Berlin daily newspaper, with a total of some 127,000 full text pages.

All issues published from the year 1918 until the newspaper was closed down in 1934, including the supplements, have been arranged and prepared for the online edition, and gaps have been filled. The database also includes all the foreign editions, Die Voss and Die Post aus Deutschland (Post from Germany). Thus, it constitutes a unique and complete collection, the like of which has not previously been available in any library.

Researchers regard the Vossische Zeitung as a unique and significant source for the study of political reporting and public opinion in Germany. It was one of the most important sources of public opinion in Prussia, depicting and commenting upon daily events in a period of frequent change: the end of World War One, the revolution and the workers' and soldiers' councils, the political discussions and disturbances of the Weimar Republic's early days, the world economic crisis beginning in 1929 and the rise of National Socialism. Its coverage of events mirrored the rich cultural life in Berlin during the "Roaring Twenties".

Numerous prominent personalities have written for the Vossische Zeitung over the years. During the Weimar period Richard Lewinsohn and Paul Schlesinger were among those who influenced the Newspaper's coverage, whilst Georg Bernhard was the editor in chief and Kurt Tucholsky the newspaper's correspondent in Paris.

The roots of the Vossische Zeitung stretch right back to the Frischmann-Zeitung of 1617. In 1914 the daily newspaper came under the ownership of Ullstein Verlag in Berlin and developed to become its foremost publication. After the National Socialists took power the Vossische Zeitung was increasingly subject to censure. The final straw came when numerous editors were banned from pursuing their professions and Ullstein Verlag had to close the newspaper down on 25th March 1934.

In the online edition the individual issues of the newspaper are presented as digital facsimiles. An electronic table of content is available for each issue. Access is simple and uncomplicated thanks to a variety of search options. The individual articles have been classified and can be found through their category, title or by full text search.

Individual articles can easily be enlarged. Articles that stretch over several pages are linked and can be read together. Thus the database guarantees an easy and user friendly approach to the source material.

The Vossische Zeitung Online. 1918–1934 is an excellent source for historical research on the Weimar period. It is aimed especially at researchers from the fields of history, politics, culture and media studies. In addition, it makes a contribution to the long-term archiving of very fragile newspaper material. The original copies can only be preserved at great expense.

The Vossische Zeitung Online. 1918–1934 has been developed in cooperation with the Staatsbibliothek Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Berlin State Library – Prussian Cultural Heritage). The enlargement of the database with issues from the newspaper's earlier years is planned.

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