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DeGruyter nano Online 2016

NANO Online

ISSN 2364-9712

Language: English

Year 2016

nano Online offers a comprehensive coverage of the subject area nanoscience and technology. This database allows for easy access to research results from all disciplines active in this area – including physics, chemistry and materials science as well as engineering and medicine. Due to a carefully chosen classification system and massive linking between entries, the user can find relevant and related information quickly.


  • The database contains more than 1,900 entries (an equivalent of more than 15,000 print pages) from a variety of sources:
  • 144 chapters from 14 books
  • 1,142 articles from 55 De Gruyter journals
  • 636 articles from third-party Open Access journals
  • Including annual updates of more than 250 articles (about 5,000 print pages)

Key features:

Specially-tailored compilation on nanotechnology from all relevant disciplines including materials science, chemistry, physics, and medicine.

Time-saving access via elaborate classification of articles in categories

  • Material
  • Technology
  • Property
  • Structure
  • Application
  • Impact on society

Supreme search functionalities.

Also-of-interest links to relevant content.

 Additional materials


for universities, research institutes and companies. Especially of interest for the application-oriented market (industry, research institutes, polytechnics) in the field of nanotechnology.

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