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Sapling Learning is an instructional online homework system which drives student success and saves educators time. Our easy-to-build assignments provide interactive feedback to increase student learning and retention.

Sapling Learning assignments are tailored to a textbook and/or syllabus by our Client Success Specialists so the homework aligns with the student learning goals. Our subject matter experts have extensive experience teaching each of the courses we serve. Sapling Learning’s user-friendly platform means instructors and students can quickly understand and take advantage of our powerful tools right away.

Students who used Sapling Learning had double the A’s and 50% more B’s than those who used written homework.


  • Quality Courses – Our interactive problems and feedback are designed to help students identify knowledge gaps and provide helpful feedback in real time – just like a personal tutor.
  • Unsurpassed Support – Sapling Learning not only provides instructor support, but student support as well. We’ll match lecturers with a subject specialist PHD or Masters level Tech TA who will work with the lecturer throughout the semester. We also provide support to address any student questions or issues.
  • Textbook freedom – Sapling Learning doesn’t have to be tied to a specific textbook or edition, giving lecturers the freedom to customise the syllabus and students the flexibility to choose more affordable options.

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