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Skills for Study

Is online study skills support resource based on the work of our bestselling author, Stella Cottrell. It helps students to hone their academic skills, employability and approach to personal development.

The Study Skills Handbook

The Study Skills Handbook 5th Edition by Stella Cottrell published on 18 March 2019

Institutions can build a bespoke subscription package to the resource by selecting the modules which fit your students' needs best. The minimum selection is three modules. Subscriptions are not available for individual students.

The site is divided into 12 modules each based around a key skill, such as critical thinking or time management. It provides access to interactive activities, downloadable resources and reflective tools which support independent student learning and study skills teaching.

Skills for Study offers a range of carefully paced modules where students are encouraged to complete a wide variety of interactive activities, tests and assessments and take ownership of their learning.

  • Getting ready for academic study
  • Reading and note-making
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Writing skills
  • Referencing and understanding plagiarism
  • Groupwork and presentations
  • Exam skills
  • Research principles
  • Projects, dissertations and reports
  • Employability and personal development
  • Confidence with numbers



Complements study skills teaching by helping lecturers to integrate on-going study skills development into courses, via deep links within VLEs or use of downloadable resources. Frees up teaching time and allows lecturers to target skills gaps occurring in large groups or amongst individual students, by setting modules to complete outside of class.


Allows students to personalise their learning and journey through the site, as they complete diagnostic tests, record progress and work through modules at their own pace. Encourages independent study with engaging interactive modules to motivate students to take ownership of their learning and work on key skills independently. Provides unlimited 24/7 study skills support for students on or off-campus, with mobile-friendly access available across all devices.

Free Trial available 

  •  I would be delighted to set up trial access, so you can take a detailed look at the content included and to assess its suitability for use within the School. 

    If this is of interest I would simply require the names and email addresses,  to arrange a 14 days test drive. Send to

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