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Taylor and Francis Evidence Based Acquisition

Taylor & Francis’ new funnel-shaped Evidence-Based Acquisition Model

Combines the idea of a subscription to eBook content, plus the selection of eBook content which the customer owns after the end of the subscription period. 

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Evidence-Based Acquisition PL

How this model works for Taylor & Francis: 

The library agrees to a fixed fee – the amount can vary according to the amount or type of content the institution would like access to.  

After paying the fee, the library’s users will get access to all 135.000 eBooks from T&F for three full months.

When the three months period is near its end, the usage of the eBooks will be analysed by the library and publisher. 

The results will establish which titles and/or which subject areas the users will have access to for the remaining 9 months of the model.

The library will get access to the titles of their choice which have a value of 15 times the fixed fee.   

When the whole 12 month period ends – as in all EBA models – the library again analyses the usage statistics and selects titles up to the value of the deposit.

A 30% discount off the list price will be calculated when drawing up the final title list.  These titles are then owned by the library and become part of its permanent holdings. 

With this model, you know exactly what has been spent and you know that what you have invested in is in demand by your users.  The library of course has the option to continue with this arrangement into future years under similar terms.

This model is built around the classic funnel shape of eBook usage behaviour that we see in the worldwide analysis of Taylor & Francis’ own statistics and in similar patterns seen in large eBook usage surveys. Evidence has shown the same tendency at almost all libraries where users have access to a large pool of eBook titles:  In the initial phase usage is extremely varied – the majority of titles will be accessed on a single occasion; within a few weeks definite patterns of usage start to appear – specific subjects are more used than others and a small fraction of the original number of titles stands out as the most frequently used.

What is included in the 135.000 titles?  

  • This will be all titles with the copyright year of 2020 and before. 
  • Titles published or publishing in 2021 will be excluded. 
  • DRM protected titles, often titles classified as textbooks by T&F are also excluded. 
  • The access is simultaneous multi-user access.   
  • Access to the eBook titles in the first 3 month period is read online-only - so they cannot be downloaded or copied. 
  • This limitation is lifted for the titles accessed during the remaining 9 month period.

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