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CHEMnetBASE is an electronic series of 10 major reference works for chemistry and related sciences from Taylor & Francis /CRC Press. Included in CHEMnetBASE are the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,  Dictionary of Natural Products, Dictionary of Organic Compounds, Dictionary of Drugs, Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds, Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds, Dictionary of Marine Natural Products, Dictionary of Food Compounds, Polymers: A Property Database, Properties of Organic Compounds.

CHEMnetBASE can be subscribed to as a single database or libraries can subscribe to the components separately

A primary component of CHEMnetBASE is the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online

The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is one of the most important data reference books used by scientists worldwide for over a hundred years. This new version enables quick and easy access to everything the Handbook has to offer. Whether you want to browse through the Table of Contents or search for a specific piece of data, you'll be sure to find what you were looking for, and more quickly than ever before.

The latest edition continues the tradition of updating existing tables with the most current data and introducing new topics of interest to the scientific community. In designing the electronic version we have attempted to retain the look and feel of the printed book as far as possible, as well as adding further chemical information and a host of data searching and manipulation features. However, since there were no page limit restrictions, it was possible to expand several tables in the electronic version and to retain tables dropped from the book.

The work covers physical constants for over 12,000 of the most common chemical substances and many facts about the physical sciences, including conversion factors, health and safety information

The Handbook web application is divided into two main modules:


Document Mode - Search and browse the Handbook documents and tables. View interactive tables and generate graphs, export table data, etc.


Chemistry Mode - All chemical compounds and their associated physical properties from the >700 document tables in the Handbook collated into a single searchable database. Search for a compound by name, formula, property or structure, view all available physical properties, its structure etc. in a chemical entry and export data.

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In addition to the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online, there are 9 other Component Dictionaries. 

To get a good idea of the content and functionality of these databases, please click on the links below for guided tours:

1. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Online                                                             

2. Dictionary of Natural Products                                                  

3. Dictionary of Organic Compounds                                                 

4. Dictionary of Drugs                                                   

5. Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds                                                                                     

6. Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds                                                              

7. Dictionary of Marine Nature Products                                                                                             

8. Dictionary of Food Compounds                                                                                                     

9. Polymers:  A Property Database                                                              

10. Properties of Organic Compounds

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