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Taylor and Francis Chemisty and Chemical Engineering eBook section

Over 2000 eBooks from Taylor & Francis / CRC Press give academics, researchers, students and professionals valuable insights and tools across the broad sphere of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  Its superb team of internationally renowned authors provide up-to-date research and techniques in nearly all aspects of the subjects in the form of informative handbooks, research monographs, analytical overviews and advanced textbooks.

Key fields include Natural Product Chemistry, Separation Methods, Surfactant Science, Sustainable Chemistry, New Materials, Nanomaterials, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Process Engineering, Industrial Chemistry and more.

For a complete listing of the titles please follow this link: T&F Complete Chemistry and Chemical Engineering titles list

All eBooks reside on the Taylor & Francis platform – home to over 130.000 titles.

EBook titles can be purchased individually, subscribed to or are available via an Evidence Based Acquisition model.  For more information please contact


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