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Law e-Book collections Evidence-Based Acquisition

Law e-Book collections (Evidence-Based Acquisition)

You now have the opportunity to gain access to the complete law e-Book collections of three renowned publishers for minimal fees via their Evidence-Based Acquisition models.
The publishers include De Gruyter, Brill and Hart (Bloomsbury).

Here’s how it works:

  • You pay a deposit
  • You get online access to the selected publisher’s law eBook collections
  • You will receive usage statistics regularly
  • After 12 months you decide which titles you want to keep perpetually for the amount matching the deposit

So with this model there is a subscription element - for 12 months users can read all the titles with unlimited access and in addition there is the ownership element - whereby you make a selection of titles up to the value of the deposit (based on the list price of the titles).  It is possible to continue access in the second year with similar terms.

Below are the Publishers’ costs and title counts.

De Gruyter: 
Deposit Euro 5.000     
Title count 3.088 (2.534 German/554 English)   
Title list

Deposit  GBP  5.000    
Title count 1.523 (all English)
Title list 
Title List PL

Deposit Euro 5.000
Title count 1.259 (all English)
Title list

Peter Lang:
Deposit Euro 5.000
Title count 2.065 (1.948 German/91English)
Title list

For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Jacek Lewinson
Mobi:+48 502 603 290, skype:jacek.lewinson ,

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