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Now Available via Evidence Based Acquisition Bloomsbury Collections offers excellence and originality in scholarship covering the arts, humanities, and social sciences and we invite you to discover more than 6000 eBooks across 12 subject areas in our online library. And we now offer Bloomsbury Collections via the Evidence Based Acquisitions model so you can acquire exactly the titles your users most want and need. Areas of Study Anthropology Biblical Studies Classical Studies & Archaeology Education Literary Studies Philosophy Religious Studies Theology Film & Media Studies History Law Linguistics Evidence Based Acquisition How it ... read more

Evidence based acquisition Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) is an effective way to build your library collection based on usage data. The advantage of our model? The library is in control of making the decisions. Unlimited access to outstanding research Purchase decisions based on usage data WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE DE GRUYTER EBA MODEL? Get 12 month access to all eBooks on the De Gruyter platform or to a sub-set in one of our attractive packages. The library decides which titles to select for keeping at the end of the 12 month period. As always, you benefit from the liberal DRM (multi-user, remote access). In addition to the standard PDF versions, you a ... read more

Evidence Based Acquisition How it works?  A library pays an upfront access fee to access a collection of books for an agreed period of time. The access fee is much smaller than that to purchase the entire collection. At the end of the access period, the library makes selections based on the usage; and the access fee goes towards the purchase of these titles. The purchased titles will remain as part of the library’s collection in perpetuity. The library may choose to continue in a second year – again under similar terms Opions Option 1) 12 month access to 4200 titles (English) from 17 subject areas.  Upfront price $35.000. Option 2) 12 mon ... read more
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