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De Gruyter offers libraries and vendors 4,000 new titles across 29 subject areas across the humanities and the natural sciences in the form of print books, journals, eBooks, eJournals, expansive databases, and online references.

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  • Choose a single title, a customized Pick & Choose collection or one of our many prepared eBook packages
  • All De Gruyter titles supplied in PDF and ePUB format (starting in 2014)
  • All titles DRM free: Users can download, print and save eBooks for their own usage
  • Long-term access assured through Portico archiving
  • Simplified pricing model for eTextbooks, new eBook collections


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We offer the eBooks of our Publisher Partners

  • All eBooks and journals are integrated into and are accessible wherever there is Internet
  • All books and journals are fully integrated into De Gruyter’s business models and sold globally, i.e. in eBook packages, pick and choose offers and EBA (for selected partners)
  • Selected content available exclusively through De Gruyter

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Free Trial Access Available
For more information, open free trial or to place an order, contact:
Jacek Lewinson
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