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In Jacek Lewinson’s portfolio the following Wolters Kluwer Health online products are included: Wolters Kluwer Health eTextbooks ThePoint PrepU Wolters Kluwer Health eTextbooks are available as individual titles, they are delivered as flowable ePub format via Kortext or VitalSources platform. Electronic books:   1.Collections No 2.Pick and choose Yes Platform fee no fees DRM restrictions no restrictions Access via IP number Yes ... read more
Wolters Kluwer Health eTextbooks WKH eTextbooks are available as individual titles, you can pick and choose any title. It will be delivered as flowable ePub format via Kortext or VitalSources platform. Both platforms can be integrated with university LMS. The access for students can be supplied either via VLE Integration or as multiple individual codes. Both platforms required downloading the free app to student’s personal devises. Kortext VitalSource      The apps allow students to make a bookmarks, notes and highlights the text. The content is fully searchable, parts o ... read more PrepU is an adaptive quizzing engine built by faculty and tested in the classroom. PrepU for Anatomy features personalized quizzes to help medical students learn more efficiently and effectively while giving instructors a window into their students' progress-highlighting misconceptions, strengths, and weaknesses. Simple to use and extraordinary in what it can do for course outcomes! Personalized Quiz Builder Personalized Reports Quick and Meaningful Remediation​ Video and Tutorials PrepU PL PrepU RO PrepU RU PrepU SK PrepU is extraordinary in what it can do for you ... read more ThePoint thePoint is the one-stop source for the content and tools students need to study more effectively, score higher on exams and prepare for the working world after graduation.  Access to Student’s Resources is included with purchases of selected LWW textbooks, and may include:  Fully searchable ebook online Practice quizzes Interactive flashcards Animations and videos ...and much more!   Video and Tutorials The Point EN The Point CR The Point LT The Point PL The Point RO The Point RU The Point SK ThePoint Instructor ... read more
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